Does my dog need to wear a collar and tag?

Yes, the Control of Dog’s Order 1992 requires that all dogs wear a collar and tag showing the name and address of the owner.  When boarding, your dog will also wear a tag with the details of Paws 4 walkies.

What if my pet becomes ill whilst I am away?

The details of your pet’s veterinarian will be on file. In the unlikely event that your pet needs veterinary care, we will contact your nominated vet or if s/he is unavailable, the nearest available vet. We will contact you at the earliest opportunity to notify you.

Where will you walk my dog?

We know many places for suitable walks in and around Malton, away from the road.  When doing several pick ups for a group walk, we will arrange the final pick up nearest to the most convenient walking place.

How do you keep keys secure?

Keys can be collected at the first meet and greet.  They will not be labelled with your address and we have our own system to identify them.  Keys can then either be kept for future visits or returned at the end of your holiday.

What is your cancellation policy?

For walks and day care, 24 hours notice is required or the walk will be charged in full.  This is because we may have turned people away to allow time for your pet’s walk or visit.  We appreciate your understanding in this matter

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