Dog Walking Questionnaire

Dog Walking Questionnaire

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To ensure your pet has happy walkies with us (including daycare):

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Is your dog allowed to be let off the lead?
I would only let him/her off the lead in an area considered safe, ie, well away from roads and only if I am confident of recall.
Is your dog friendly with other dogs and people?
Your dog will be walked with no more than 4 other dogs in my care.
Has your dog ever been known to bite someone or another dog
Can your dog be given your dog treats?
Does your dog have any medical problems or on any medication?
Has your dog been neutered or spayed?
Is your dog allergic to anything?
If 'yes' then please give details below.
Is your dog usually crated during the day?
If so please give details below for how long / when. Dogs who are not usually crated will never be crated whilst in our care.
Is your dog safe to be around children?

The information above has been given to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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