Dog Boarding Contract

Dog Boarding Contract

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Between Louise Arundale, Paws 4 walkies and the owner:

  1. Paws 4 walkies holds third party Public Liability Insurance, is DBS checked and are licensed by the Local Authority which covers all dogs whilst boarding and walking, copies of which are available on request. Paws 4 walkies will not be held liable for loss, illness, injury or death of a dog unless it is proven that professional negligence has occurred. It is recommended that all pet owners should have their own insurance cover. Paws 4 walkies reserves the right to refuse a dog who is uninsured.
  1. The owner agrees to pay for any costs incurred if a claim is made against the dog whilst in the care of Paws 4 walkies.
  1. Bookings will only be accepted after an initial meeting with the dog and owner. For bookings of longer than 3 nights, we require a trial night to ensure the dog is suitable for home boarding at a cost of the current boarding rate for 24 hours or 12 hours half price. The owner agrees to pay a deposit of 20% at the time of booking to secure the booking and pay the invoice in full prior to the start of the stay by way of cash, cheque or BACS transfer. Deposits are non refundable. Paws 4 walkies reserve the right to charge for late payments under late payment legislation.
  1. The owner is to give a minimum notice period of 24 hours for cancellation or changing of a booking and understands without adequate notice, Paws 4 walkies reserve the right to charge in full.
  1. The owner has a duty to inform Paws 4 walkies of any characteristics which may make the dog unsuitable for boarding, eg, aggression, lack of house training, excessive barking, anti-social behaviour.
  1. No dog will be accepted for boarding without the details and telephone number of an emergency contact. If the dog shows any signs of the above, the emergency contact will be contacted and the dog will be expected to be collected within 2 hours. No refund will be given for cancellation of service in this event.
  1. The owner understands that if their dog becomes disruptive or dangerous and the emergency contact is unavailable, Paws 4 walkies reserve the right to remove the dog from our property and transfer the dog to kennels, the cost of which will be borne by the owner.
  1. Paws 4 walkies will not be held responsible for illness or loss of life of the dog whilst in our care unless it is proven that professional negligence has occurred.
  1. The owner is to provide Paws 4 walkies with food, bedding, bowls, grooming utensils, lead (and toys if desired) for the duration of their stay. Paws 4 walkies will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to property left with their dog whilst walking or boarding, eg, collars, beds. Dogs will be provided with a tag with the number of Paws4walkies on their collar.
  1. The owner is responsible for any damage to our property whilst your dog is in our care.
  1. If the owner wishes to collect their dog prior to the end of the stay, no refund will be given. If the owner is unable to collect their dog at the end of the stay at the agreed time, a further night’s cost will apply for each additional night up to a maximum of 7.
  1. If the owner fails to collect their dog within 7 days from the end of the agreed stay, Paws 4 walkies reserves the right to re-home the dog.
  1. Paws 4 walkies stipulate that in line with UK law, all dogs must be microchipped and have an ID disc attached to a secure collar for all walks. The owner is to provide the lead.
  1. Dogs will be transported in the company van. This contains secure crates and non-slip matting.
  1. Paws 4 walkies will not accept any dog who is registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 or Dangerous Wild Animal Act 1976.
  1. All dogs whether boarding or walking only will be walked on the lead for at least 3 walks until the dog is familiar with me. After a minimum of 3 walks, dogs may be walked off the lead with the express permission of the owner and only if we are satisfied of your dog’s recall.  If you permit your dog to be walked off the lead the owner accepts full liability for any loss or damage caused as a result.
  1. Dogs will be walked in all weather conditions with the exception of extreme weather conditions if it is deemed unsafe for me or your dog (eg, extreme heat or thunderstorms).
  1. Unless expressed otherwise, dog owners consent to photographs and videos of their dog for the use of marketing purposes.
  1. Paws 4 walkies will accept a maximum of 5 dogs for boarding at any one time .
  1. A maximum of 5 dogs will be walked together at any one time.
Health and Vaccinations
  1. A copy of your veterinarian’s details and copy of vaccinations is to be provided prior to boarding against Canine Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis (Canine adenovirus), Leptospirosis (L. canicola and L. icterohaemorrhagicae) and Canine Parvovirus and other relevant diseases. Any course of injections must be complete at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the stay. Dogs must also have had flea treatment (every 4 months) and worming treatment (every 3 months). Please discuss with Paws 4 walkies prior to walking / boarding if your dog has any health or behavioural issues.
  1. Your dog will not be accepted for boarding if s/he appears unwell at the time of boarding in our opinion. Paws 4 walkies reserves the right to refuse to board any dog in this circumstance.
  1. Paws4 walkies will not accept bitches for boarding who are in season or pregnant or who have been so within the last 28 days. Paws 4 walkies is not responsible for any dog who becomes pregnant whilst in our care.
  1. In the unlikely event of escape / loss whilst out walking your dog, Paws 4 walkies will take all appropriate action. This includes in the first instance, remaining for a reasonable period in the area and then ultimately contacting the council’s dog warden and putting information on social media.
  1. Unless professional negligence has occurred, the owner is responsible for veterinarian’s bills whilst the dog is in the care of Paws 4 walkies.
  1. In case of emergency or your dog showing signs of illness or disease, Paws 4 walkies reserve the right to consult a veterinarian and act in the dog’s best interests. You will be contacted immediately if this occurs. If you cannot be contacted within a reasonable amount of time, Paws 4 walkies will be guided by the veterinarian. With regards to costs, it is recommended that you have a pre-payment plan in place with your veterinarian. Please note Paws 4 walkies cannot make payment for any treatment costs. If euthanasia is the only course of treatment as advised by the veterinarian, we will accept and follow advice and recommendations by the veterinarian. In the unfortunate event of death, we will contact you for your wishes. I authorise an alternative veterinarian in the event that the primary veterinarian is unavailable. The owner will be responsible for any veterinarian’s costs.
Our Commitments
  1. Paws 4 walkies will act professionally and competently ensuring your dog is protected, respected, loved and cared for at all times and carry out the services as instructed by the owner.
  1. Paws 4 walkies reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time or refuse any dog which is unsuitable to be in our care.
  1. Paws 4 walkies will treat all your data in the strictest of confidence and will not be passed to third parties in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.
  These terms are governed by English law and are subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Should we waive any of these terms on an individual basis, this shall not affect the validity of remaining clauses or commit us to waive the same clause of any other occasion. By agreeing to these terms your statutory rights are not affected.

Signed - Louise Arundale Paws 4 walkies

Signed - Owner

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